Watered down insights

RACO launched the volume 44 of the On the w@terfront. In this volume Dr. Esen Gökçe Özdamar, assistant professor Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture, Tekirdag, Turkey, analyses the process of transformation of the antrepo buildings in the port of Istambul. Continue reading Watered down insights

The Lodz Experience

Journal of a gadabout (3). by  Dr. A. Remesar

Coming from Barcelona, a city whose urban fabric is based largely on an urban plot that leaves no separation between buildings, ie a city  built “between party walls” is a surprise to find so many  party walls  in Lodz.

The party walls represent a devaluation of the urban landscape and go against urban decorum. It’s no wonder that municipalities suffering from the “disease of party walls” implement strategies that, without solving the problem in a structural way,  will alleviate it, at least aesthetically, contributing to urban decorum.

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The GAU – Urban Art Gallery in Lisbon

Journal of a gadabout (2). by Dr. A. Remesar

The GAU (Urban Art Gallery) Lisbon, sponsored by the Department of Culture of the city, born in parallel with the “Visual and Performance Street Art” event in 2009.

From that moment was consolidated as a temporary gallery of  urban art shows and festivals. It has a location in the Baixada da Gloria, but also operates in various parts of the city, especially acting over disused buildings.

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