Veritas in simplice: Portraits of an epigram by Judith Massana

Journal of a gadabout (7) by Dr. A. Remesar


The District of Sant Andreu (Barcelona) has a new space for creation and dissemination of culture. This is the Bostik Factory, an initiative by the architect, photographer and activist Xavier Basiana, the creator of the Ivanow Factory. Continue reading Veritas in simplice: Portraits of an epigram by Judith Massana

Public Space and Memory

08460.png Public Space and Memory (eBook)

Núria Ricart (ed.)

Pages: 145

ISBN: 978-84-475-3774-7

Edition: 2016
Barcelona. Universitat de Barcelona. Edicions i Publicacions


This publication aims to generate an open arena for debate dealing with memory and public space; issues which are highly complex in both theoretical and practical terms. The broad scope of perspectives presented in the papers helps us understand some of the current lines of thinking on memory and the city from an interdisciplinary point of view (art, urban design, history), looking at the politics and management of memory in public space. Ruins, remains and immaterial spaces of memory or heritage may be understood as elements which organise space in relation to its connections with the events of the past and the future; stimulating debate about current political consensus and dissent. The remnants of the past, John Berger would say, are not just those which remain when something has disappeared: they may also in themselves form the mark of a project. Continue reading Public Space and Memory

The Art of Urban Design in Urban Regeneration

08455.pngA. Remesar (Ed)

The Art of Urban Design in Urban Regeneration.  Interdisciplinarity, Policies, Governance, Public Space

Pàges: 156
ISBN: 978-84-475-3781-5
Edition: 2016






Continue reading The Art of Urban Design in Urban Regeneration

On the w@terfront in the plataform REDIB


REDIB (Latin American Network for Innovation and Scientific Knowledge)

REDIB is an aggregation platform of scientific and academic content in electronic format produced in Iberoamerica. REDIB has a clear mission to promote technological innovation for publishing tools. These provide access, dissemination and valorisation of scientific production in the countries of its scope of action, especially in their own different languages . The addressees of this information are both the academic community and society in general, as well as responsible managers and analysts of science policy. Internet ensures the global reach of this information.