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REDIB (Latin American Network for Innovation and Scientific Knowledge)

REDIB is an aggregation platform of scientific and academic content in electronic format produced in Iberoamerica. REDIB has a clear mission to promote technological innovation for publishing tools. These provide access, dissemination and valorisation of scientific production in the countries of its scope of action, especially in their own different languages . The addressees of this information are both the academic community and society in general, as well as responsible managers and analysts of science policy. Internet ensures the global reach of this information.

Rabat. Royal Patronage for urban art

Journal of a gadabout (6) by Dr. A. Remesar

DSC08204I recommend a visit to Rabat. Ahead of they conclude the works of what we call “the third Rabat”.

The first is the victorious Ribat (Ribat al-Fath), as stated in the monolith of entry into the old limits. It includes the medina and the city center designed by Prost following the recommendations of Forestier, both two under the orders of Marshal Lyautey.

A center expanded in several districts of French flavour: Ocean – site of the corniche suffering remodelling and pressure of the projects Kasr al Bahr and Sephira; Les Orangers, Aviation, Belvedaire… and the most bourgeois of all Agdal Hay Riad. Continue reading Rabat. Royal Patronage for urban art

Watered down insights

RACO launched the volume 44 of the On the w@terfront. In this volume Dr. Esen Gökçe Özdamar, assistant professor Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture, Tekirdag, Turkey, analyses the process of transformation of the antrepo buildings in the port of Istambul. Continue reading Watered down insights

A giant blackboard

Journal of a gadabout (5). by  Dr. A. Remesar


The Via Augusta was the great Roman road through the Iberian peninsula, from the Pyrenees to Cadiz. Its route passed behind Collserola and did not reach Barcelona. During the Carolingian Empire was drawn a variant of the Via Augusta, the Francisca way, coming through the Besòs’s valley, crossed the plain of Barcelona and returned to find the Augusta route through the Llobregat’s . The persistence of this way, right on the edge between the Barcelona plain and the first foothills, corresponds to the current layout of the Travesera de Gràcia. Continue reading A giant blackboard

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On the w@terfront is indexed in ART SOURCE by EBSCO. It is a maganizine of the “Core” coverage that refers to sources which are indexed and abstracted in their entirety (i.e. cover to cover).

On the w@terfront is also indexed in the prestigious AVERY by the University of Columbia. An specialized database in Architecture.

All indexation data about on the w@terfront can be found in MIAR (Information matrix fot he analysis of Journals) a project




As is known, our center has developed, and develops research in two districts of “affordable social houses”. Baró de Viver and Bon Pastor. We are currently advancing in the development of civic remembrance of Bon Pastor.


On the blog devoted to the topic we have published an extensive work of data collection (from emptying the on-line archives of La Vanguardia) about the political development of the various Spanish laws about the “Casas Baratas” (1911, 1927)

On the w@terfront indexed in ESCI


In 1998 we started the publication of an on-line magazine called “On the w@terfront”. Since then we have published 43 issues. Initially the magazine was hosted in our web site. Later on, in 2011, we joint RACO (OpenSoure Catalan Reviews) a consortium of the Catalan Universities.

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