The Board of Governors of the University of Barcelona created POLIS Research Centre in July 1999. Since then it has developed its research in the areas of Public Art, Urban Design, but mostly has excelled in developing an original vision of the role of the possibilities of art in urban regeneration processes. Right now the Board of Governors will re-validate the Centre, after the positive evaluation form the AGAUR (Catalan Agency for Universities).

In this sense, the Centre has been a pioneer in the development of creative strategies for citizen participation that can be encompassed by this label, so trendy, which is that of governance.

The Centre has developed its production under different competitive research projects and various contracts with local governments.

This work has been central in structuring both the Master in Urban Design: Art, City, Society; the Master in Psychosocial Intervention and  the doctoral programme Public Space and Urban Regeneration: Art, Theory and Heritage Conservation

Different topics, different approaches


Reticular structure with emergence of new nodal points
Superposition, links, fragments, nexus



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