Bon Pastor (Barcelona). The periphery that ALREADY is city

Nov. 2022. The Bon Pastor’s Spiral

Nov. 2022 Memory of the Association of Family Heads of Households

” Within the framework of Franco’s Law of Associations, they constituted the Cabezas de Familia Association (1968) which, for several years, would be the driving force behind neighbourhood demands and the conquest of citizens’ rights.

After several attempts at legalization since 1973, on April 3, 1976, the constituent assembly of the Bon Pastor Neighborhood Association was held, which for several years shared its headquarters with the Family Heads Association in the “White Center”, until the merger agreement between the two entities.

This space reproduces the seal that, until the constitution of the Neighborhood Association, was associated with the neighbourhood demands for the improvement of the neighbourhood.”

2023. Small landscape of La Morera (Centenary Mulberry tree)

2023.- The museum of dwelling in Barcelona

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