Urban Images, the 4rth Aestehtic Energy of the City International Conference


Time has come to systematize knowledge about the role of images in the city. We believe that thinking about the city in the category of images – both ‘natural’ landscapes and visual screens – is highly desirable. Cities have always been filled with smaller or bigger forms of fundamentally traditional art (posters, wall decorations), as well as street art (more or less radical interventions). Some viewpoints, from which one can admire the city panorama, are top tourist attractions (instead of the most interesting places). Unfortunately, cities are often presented through a reduced number of images that are not very fortunate for them… We want to examine the mutual relations between the city and its images: those created for the city and those consolidating the city identity.

• types of urban images: artifacts, landscapes, maps, aerial photos, random photos, screens, advertising, set design for events etc.
• art genres in the city: poster, street art, mural, fresco, sgraffito etc.
• shapes of cities and their visual dominants: vertical (the biggest…, the highest…), horizontal (e.g. panoramic views), symbolic (e.g. architectural, sculptural dominants)
• lost symbols of cities (people, historical monuments, greenery, rivers etc.)
• intentional and unintentional city landscapes
• nature as an urban image
• city as advertising: places created especially for spreadable images
• changes that have been made in our cities thanks to images recorded on paintings
• art that is able to change the image of a city
• conservation problems of urban images
• city images by urban explorers

Please submit your abstract via email using attached AEC 4 Registration form. Abstracts will undergo a peer review for selection or rejection by the conference committee.
A printed publication of the Conference abstracts will be available at the Conference. Only the attending and registered delegates are going to be published. All abstracts (maximum of 400 words) must contain the title of the proposed paper, the name of the author, a brief cv including current affiliation and the contact information (institutional affiliation, mailing address and email address).

All accepted and registered delegates will be presenting their papers at the Conference.
Presentations will be organized in sessions or panels of no more than 4 papers presented for 20 min and all followed by a 30 minute debate.

The publication of full papers will be prepared after the Conference and authors will be notified if their papers are selected for further publication. Depending on the subject, we offer printing selected, double-reviewed papers in magazines: “On the w @terfront” (University of Barcelona), “Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Philosophica. Ethica – Aesthetica – Practica” (University of Lodz).

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