Bon Pastor (Barcelona) New public spaces in phase V of remodeling

At the end of 2019 at a meeting between the Association of Neighbors, the Pla de Barris and the CR POLIS of the University of Barcelona, it was agreed that the students of the Master in Urban Design of the UB, in the context of the subject Theory of Art Public, they would develop a job of assessing possibilities about the use program derived from the participatory processes realized in the neighborhood.

For this work we start from the scheme of uses that we can see in the image.


The work of the students, who are an international and multidisciplinary team, has already begun. Last Thursday, February 6, they visited the neighborhood accompanied by the president of the AA.VV., mrs. Paquita Delgado and by mr. Salvador Angosto who informed them about the scope of the project they intend to develop




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