Public Space in Nablus city

A seminar by

Dra. Zahraa Zawawi
Head, Department of Urban Planning Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
An-Najah National University

An overview of public spaces in a Palestinian city
Public space is the arena in which people practice their communal activities. Public space such as streets, squares and parks vary in form, typology and use, however all host a flow of human exchange induced by the diverse cultures within a society.
Due to the lack of political instability caused by the succession of (foreign) ruling regimes over Palestine, design of city spaces for the use of the public in Palestinian cities have not gained a significant importance. Nonetheless, control of this space was a similarity among the different regimes and their subsequent rules and regulations.
This presentation provides an overview of the status of public spaces in the Palestinian city of Nablus from 72 CE until today. The presentation looks at the development of public spaces in the city as part of an urban expansion and development process in different periods, it will exhibit the planning and production process that shaped the city of today and the public spaces at its heart.

Barcelona, April the 11th, 10-13 h. Room 203. Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona

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