The moment of citizenship . Social innovation and urban governance


Marc Pradel MiquelMarisol García CabezaAna Belén Cano HilaFernando Díaz OruetaLídia García FerrandoSantiago Eizaguirre AngladaMaría Luisa Lourés SeoaneRaúl Ruiz Sola

A book that shows the richness and diversity of proposals for social innovation in the cities and neighborhoods of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Zaragoza

Social innovation has become the center of many of the public and political debates in the last decade, as a result of the financial and economic crisis and the austerity policies implemented in a large part of Europe. Both national and local governments and the private sector have wanted to see social innovation as an instrument to improve the well-being of citizens. However, citizens do not always expect governments to provide solutions to their problems and have organized themselves to seek answers to their individual and collective needs. Unemployment or precarious work, housing, health, poverty or environmental problems and, in general, the reduction of political and social rights have fostered social innovation among different groups of citizens, also seeking to transform local and regional welfare policies. promote greater justice and social inclusion. This book deals with these innovative initiatives in the cities and neighborhoods of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Zaragoza, where associations and social movements emerged from 15M with other organizations and previous projects already consolidated. The purpose of this volume is to show the richness and diversity of citizen social innovation proposals, also analyzing their strengths and limitations: from those that have created their collaboration networks without institutional involvement to those that have sought to link with the city councils, promoting new forms of local governance and alternative forms to the market economy.




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