Against urban corruption

Journal of a gadabout (8) by Dr. A. Remesar

000DSC06149.jpgEspai Jove Boca Nord is a youth and public equipment belonging to the Horta-Guinardo District that aims to respond to the needs, concerns and demands of young people.
From Espai Jove Boca Nord we intend to provide services for the youth of the district and the city with resources and spaces that dignify the conditions of the young people. We talk about 2,300 m2 of young people and young people. We talk about a model of equipment that has resources to offer spaces and highly singularized programs.


Boca Nord, is a facility that is on the tunnel of the Rovira. In October 2016, Boca Nord, convened a mural contest for his facade won by the team Rubicon1 & Mugraff. This team was selected from more than 25 artists.

Scammers. Interests. Speculation. Corruption

In the context of the celebration of the international day of painting, artists performed their work between October 20 and 22, 2016.


“El papi” in spirit



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