Round table “Urban Governance and Citizen Participation”, at the UIU “Smarts Cities: Innovation, Climate Change, Urban Planning, Governance and Creative Participation” (07/14/2017)

Last week (10th-14th july) the UIU organized the “Smart cities: innovation, climate change, urban planning, governance and creative participation” course in Barcelona, ​​attended by about 30 students from Five Universities that make up the UIU.

On the part of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jesús Leal, Marta Domínguez and Andrés Walliser, developed the module “The impact of innovation on the social development of big cities”.
“Intelligent urban planning” was the contribution of the National Autonomous University of Mexico by Claudia Ortiz.
The module in charge of the University of Sao Paulo was divided in two contributions. Miguel Luiz Bucalem developed the theme “Cities and Climate Change” and Marcos Buckeridge the theme “The role of strategic urban planning for city development”.
“Intelligent cities: a modeling of development of good practices from the study of success stories” was the contribution of the University of Buenos Aires by Professors Omar Quiroga and Marcelo Lorelli.
Finally, the University of Barcelona, ​​developed the module “Urban Cohesion, governance and creative participation” by the CR POLIS team.
In the afternoon session of this module participated:

  • Carme Turégano. District of Sant Andreu
  • M.A. Lozano. Coord. Plan Barrios de Barrios de Baró de Viver- Bon Pastor
  • Josep Capsir. AA.VV.Bon Pastor and some other members of the Neighbourghs Association
  • Joan Roca. MUHBA (Museo de Historia de Barcelona)  Director

In the video you can follow these contributions

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