MACROCITIES. 1st International Conference


BUENOS AIRES 21st to 24th Novembre 2016.

With the conviction that cities can learn from each other’s experiences, that they can share lessons and identify best practices; and that public universities have a prominent role in this process, the Congress of Macrociudades is presented as a shared initiative among the five Universities – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidade de São Paulo, UNAM, Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad Complutense- that aims to:
To create a space for reflection, analysis and debate on the different themes related to macro-cities.

  • Identify key aspects for the sustainable development of cities.
  • Promote sustainable solutions and disseminate best practices.
  • Sensitize participants on different global challenges and opportunities.
  • Strengthen public-private exchange and strategic partnerships.

In the areas of

  • Sustaintability
  • Social Inclusion
  • Urban Mobility
  • Innovation and Economic Development

Our Research Center will be present at the event, presenting the exhibition “Urban Cohesion : Building Remembrance”

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