Veritas in simplice: Portraits of an epigram by Judith Massana

Journal of a gadabout (7) by Dr. A. Remesar


The District of Sant Andreu (Barcelona) has a new space for creation and dissemination of culture. This is the Bostik Factory, an initiative by the architect, photographer and activist Xavier Basiana, the creator of the Ivanow Factory.

The Bostik is located in the La Sagrera and you can reach the facilities by two ways: Ferran Street and the bridge of the Worthy Work. The project began development on 15 February 2015, coinciding with the 17th anniversary of the Ivanow factory. After three months of intense work, the factory is ready to initiate cultural activities. The Bostik will have the space for theater, dance and exhibitions, among other activities.
Thus, the Bostik programme begins with the aim of becoming a reference facility. With this new initiative Sant Andreu district expands the range of spaces devoted to culture, led so far by the Ivanow and Fabra i Coats factories .

Coinciding with the inauguration photographer Judith Massana presented her first studio work , called Veritas in simplice: Portraits of an epigram.


A series of 12 conceptual photographs in the field of social criticism, becoming a satirical puzzle where indifference has no place. It is a bold and voracious proposal , through the dividing line between skepticism and credulity.DSC01075.jpg

The external wall of the factory becomes the exhibition space



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