The paper by Xavier Salas,  develops some of the aspects of the author’s doctoral thesis (Salas, 2015). It poses an analysis of the evolution of the territory where is located the neighborhood of Bon Pastor (Barcelona), emphasizing the built environment.

For this, the historical narrative is complemented by graphic documentation, part of it from the various workshops of participation that the author has developed and continues to develop in this neighborhood, in cooperation with the Neighborhood Association and the City of Barcelona (District Sant Andreu) with the aim of developing interventions in the public space of the neighborhood concerning preservation of civic memory of Bon Pastor and in the context of advance in the processes of urban governance based on the creative participation of the neighbors. While the first participatory processes were organized, we began to document the history of the Good Shepherd. We also do tours around the neighborhood to see their current urban characteristics and gather information on the town planning regulations. The following paragraphs are a summary of the literary account of the history of Bon Pastor and its main urban characteristics. As with Baró de Viver, it is a story that will have to be completed as the various participatory processes with accounts of the experiences of the population and the different documentation that we can provide are developed.

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