La imagen de la ciudad. Estrategias de identidad y comunicación

Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona has launched the e-book version of the book “La imagen de la ciudad. Estrategias de identidad y comunicación (The image of the city. Identity and communication strategies)” by Dr. Pedro Brandao.

08470.png In contemporary cities, the diversity of interests and actors, its large size and complexity, generate strong competition for the use of public space that requires regulation of the use of this medium as a communication channel.

Also it is required by communication organization itself, its contents, languages, media and spatial contexts, in the logic of a system of urban information. This book aims to question our own knowledge on the subject, and to assess how the problem is interdisciplinary and thoughtful. Betting on the systemic aspect, the subject of communication revolves around the reification of public space is addressed by studying their links with the advertising communication or the identity concepts in the contemporary context of an urban culture that is increasingly under the sign marketing of cities.

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